Optimizing Dementia Diagnosis: Using big data & design thinking to drive early intervention

“Mental health conditions, especially Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are causing the health service (both in the UK and elsewhere) a huge and growing problem. This, in large part, is due to the complexities and time taken to reach a patient diagnosis.

In Edo’s work with the Alzheimer’s Society, we used a powerful and complementary mix of qualitative contextual enquiry, social listening (via large scale predictive analytics) and quantitative surveys with people affected by dementia. This gave us detailed insight into the patient experience relating to the early onset of dementia.

In this presentation, I’ll talk through the design thinking methodologies used, and crucially, the resulting service design that is helping healthcare practitioner intervention (triage and service delivery) with dementia patients in a more timely and effective way. This, in turn, is helping to alleviate the burden on an increasingly over-stretched health service.”