11 -12th September 2019

User Centred Design (UXD) Healthcare FRANKFURT 2019

UX Design Healthcare(UXDH) will be hosting our 4th Conference in Frankfurt, Germany. Following from a successful UXDH London Conference the UXD Healthcare brand will finish in Frankfurt, Germany.

Dates : 11th & 12th September Frankfurt

EHR – Lets hear your topic on patient data and health records. Tech being one of the fastest growing industries globally, How will Healthcare UX improve, adapt and enhance patient experiences! We will discuss our UX Challenges and how to design to the needs, not the wants of our Users. We will look at global trends. Are we designing for Machine learning and AI! How are we designing for Telemedicine and will Chatbots, Messaging and video-calling reach its potential!

Closing date 7th June 2019