A rocky road – from complex health problems to evidence-based eHealth

An aging population in combination with an exponential growth in people with one or more chronic diseases will put a strain on the healthcare of today. Digitalisation of healthcare with the development of eHealth has nationally and internationally been acknowledged as means to develop future proof health care. Healthcare in which the patient is in charge of managing his or her own disease, where healthcare providers are coaches rather than doctors and where shared-decision making and health promotion are key.
However, to be able to harness the power of eHealth, eHealth solutions should be adequately designed and scientifically proven to be reliable, safe and effective. In this presentation, Charlotte will discuss the sense and non-sense of eHealth. Using her own (design)research on a ‘smart asthma inhaler’ she will zoom in on every aspect of the journey to evidence-based eHealth. Following her work at the National eHealth Living Lab, Charlotte will share some of the hurdles she had to take on her journey working with designer researchers, medical professionals and patients and will amongst others elaborate on the importance of creating a common language.